Merry Crimbo and all that!

Hi everyone, and a merry Christmas to you all.

I know it’s been a long while, too long in fact, but I’m not going to bore you with details. Let’s just say I’ve been busy.

I had a great time in 2022, with all my trips abroad, flying to Italy 4 times and Finland just the once, but it was all in the name of business. The sales in these countries have been beyond belief, and I’m grateful to so many people that helped make it happen, like Mika and Jari in Helsinki and of course Antonio, Massimo and all the guys in Italy for their amazing hospitality. It’s a shame I couldn’t have done something similar in Germany, but with the German release of the book so close to Christmas last year, it just wasn’t possible. Everything is done on a low budget, and if the budget isn’t there in the first place, then a quick jaunt to another country is off the table. I had a couple of offers to do something this year, but my health has not been great, so I sadly had to decline. But you never know, next year might be better.

I also spent a bit of time working on Antonio Biggio‘s two thrillers Eddie Must Die and Eddie’s Grave. It was my job to edit the books into recognisable English, a job I thoroughly enjoyed, even if it was a brain ache for a while, especially with the first one, Eddie Must Die. Antonio’s publishers had used what I can only think of, as maybe a student, maybe not, to translate the book from the original Italian into English. The translators work was hard going for Antonio and I. With constant messages going backwards and forwards between us, and the use of an English/Italian dictionary, it took a little longer than we had anticipated, but Antonio finally got the English version out and amazingly, it has sold really well throughout the English speaking world. I feel really proud of the achievement, and working with Antonio is always a pleasure.

As of Monday December 11 2023, I will be reducing all prices of my products by £5. This does not include the books on Amazon, just the Loopyworld Book and T shirts. The reduction will stay in place until January 1 2024, so that gives you three weeks to get your copy of the book for £5 off RRP. It’s a great deal and I hope you share this to all your friends. There are still many people out there that haven’t heard about my book, and I think it’s time they were enlightened. Don’t you?

Have a great New Year, and if it’s offered, then drink it!

See you next time.

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