Birthday Giveaway 2022

Hi all.

It’s my 65th birthday on Sunday, so I’m having my annual £5 off the loopyworld book sale. If you want to grab a bargain, then follow the links to the book on my site and hit the right button. I will do the rest.

You may have noticed that thing’s have been a bit quiet on here. I apologise, but I have been so busy with other projects, that I literally haven’t found the time, and am so pleased to have someone like Antonio Biggio to be here when I’m not. He has done a great job looking after the shop while I’m out the back looking after the stock, if you get what I mean. lol

I have just received my copy of the Finnish translation Loopyworld by Docendo, which will be available soon from all the usual retailers, and I have to say, it looks the nuts. And to celebrate this release, I’m off to Helsinki for a few days in July, to do a Q and A session and a meet and greet with Dennis Stratton. More details will follow soon, but I hope to see some of you there.




Other countries producing the Loopyworld book are Italy and Germany, and I will give you more details about as soon as I get them, but expect to make an appearance in Pescara in mid June.

Lots to do, so I will keep this short.

Bye for now


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