Hi all.

It’s been a busy few days, recording three new episodes of our podcast with Kaz. The first one of the three was uploaded yesterday, and if you can stand the sound of me voice, I read the first chapter from my novel Funderthuck in a blatant attempt to sell the book. The other two episodes will be an exploration of a fantastic period in Maiden’s history, but I’ll leave you guessing about that.

And then there was the business with Facebook unpublishing my Loopyworld – Iron Maiden page, for reasons only known to them. The only course of action for me, was to slightly change the name and start again. I am currently sifting through the thousands of pictures that I downloaded from the previous page, and putting them on the new page in some kind of order, and hopefully no doubles this time. I also have a lot of newer stuff to show and hope this will help to raise the number of members and likes. 

Until the next time, see ya.


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