What did you get for your Birthday Barry?

‘I got a replica football kit, some wicked model planes, a laser torch,

Oh…and er… a Seven-foot Robot called JustTin.

Welcome to the chaotic world of eleven-year-old Barry Trotter. Dad works for the Ministry of Secret Stuff, so he’s away from home a lot.

But there’s a problem: no-one knows where he is…

Dad has got to be found. Barry, his best friend Zed (apprentice Magician), neighbour Penny (trainee Psychic) and Auntie Betty (fully-trained Eccentric) will set out to locate him.

With the help (?) of JustTin – of course.

Prepare yourself for globe-trotting, spies, guns, tanks, hot-air balloons, jump-jets, and a prosthetic leg with a few tricks of its own up its sleeve (or hem…)

Just a normal tale of East-End folk really…             


Steve “Loopy” Newhouse takes us on a mission of mayhem, to the sound of Rock in 1977, in his first riotous novel in the comedy/sci-fi world.

Sit back and enjoy the ride (if you are a nervous person, it might be best not to sit next to Auntie B…)


Synopsis written by Nicholas Barrett.

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